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First things first - WELCOME! However you stumbled across this particular page, I'm glad you're here. So you want to know a little bit about me? I can come up with a list of particulars I've done and do that don't define me, but have really shaped part of who I am and why I do what I do.  Here you go:

  • From the age of 5-12 I was a competitive artistic gymnast. This is the sport I chose over swimming, dancing and violin at age 7.

  • From 12-15 I was an elite trampolinist and ranked 4th in Australia for my age. I also had a debilitating wrist injury that took me into a physiotherapist's office a few times a week for nearly a year, which inspired the career path I chose after school.

  • From 15-17 I dipped my toe in competitive athletics, returned to dancing, got my drivers licence, and graduated high school.

  • Aged 17 I moved from my family home in Cairns to the opposite end of the state to study at university.

  • From 17 to 22 I studied (and completed) a Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy with the award for Best in Clinical Practice, and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. I danced 5 days a week after uni, did 2 ballet exams, 4 jazz exams, a tap exam, auditioned for the Moulin Rouge, and applied for full time performing arts school and got in. I'm not sure how I actually fit it all in. These years were the first time I remember experiencing the physical symptoms of anxiety... not that I realised that was it at the time.

  • I moved to Sydney one month after graduating from University, with a weekend physiotherapy job in hand and a plan to become the best performer I possibly could.

  • 22 to 24; I danced, sung and acted for 8+ hours per day, 5 days a week. Physiotherapy fell to the wayside after the first year of my Diploma of Performing Arts. I graduated as the oldest person in my class, scored an agent, and had a head and body full of knowledge.

  • Four short months after graduating, I got the call from my agent to say I had been offered a contract dancing overseas. I was grateful, excited, and knew that it wasn't often that things happened that quickly. I went overseas for a 5 month contract, and met some incredible people and had some amazing opportunities. It looked good from the outside, and was pretty good until one day the bosses changed their tune and wanted me to radically change my body in a completely unrealistic timeframe. I was strong enough and supported enough to say that I wasn't willing to risk my health to achieve what they wanted and decided to come home 3 months into my contract.

  • I had the support of my family, a few friends who stay around for the hard stuff (I love you guys), and great support from my agents, but my life definitely changed when I got back to life working, training and auditioning in Sydney. I started to unravel. I got gradually more anxious and more depressed. Although I didn't want to at the time, and the very thought of it made me even more anxious, a very near and dear friend of mine supported me to find the help that I so desperately needed. The shame was so real that I couldn't bear to tell even my family what I was going through. I am sure they were worried, and if you guys are reading this I'm sorry for how hard it was then, and again now reading this. Our experiences are too important not to share, so more on the shame, stigma, and anxiety elsewhere and at a later date from me.

  • Therapy, great support, and YOGA re-shaped my world. At age 27, this is what my life looks like, what my drive is, and how I choose to shape my world:

    • YOGA - a personal practice, and sharing my plethora of knowledge both from study and personal experience with my students. I love teaching group classes for the collective energy and community, I love small groups for the closer attention and a more tailored focus, I love teaching one-on-one so that my students get exactly what THEY need from their practice. I'm proud to say that yoga is one of my 'jobs'.

    • WELLNESS COACHING- helping people explore what it is they want from this precious life, and how they are going to cultivate it for themselves. Supporting, empowering, and shifting the focus from the outside world in. How do YOU want YOUR LIFE to feel?

    • EXPLORING- creating the life that I want to lead, inspiring others to do the same, sharing my story, listening to my gut instincts, challenging the mould, and exploring both the inner and outer worlds. Consistently dancing the dance between having the power to be vulnerable, and fighting the survival instinct to close off.

If you've made it this far and are still sticking around, I think we need to know each other if we don't already. Email me, introduce yourself to me, greet me on social media, reach out. I want to know what lights you up, what your fears and challenges are, I want you to be heard. This is part of my story and list of particulars that have shaped me to date, stay tuned for more, and if you want to collaborate or work with me one-on-one you can find all of the particulars above under "WORK WITH ME" or "CONTACT".

Shine your light, share your story with the world. 

Love, Kaycee